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Thanks so much for the votes and the comments. They mean the world to us. Please keep the feedback flowing our way so we know what you guys like. Muah! @pervygirl: Thanks for the compliment and the constructive criticism. We know about the lighting. This was before we were doing them for others. @lfsfreaky: Thanks. I think. @willy: The Mr. Says I am very grabby. @holehunter: Thank you so much! @fatboytyler: You are, "So sweet!" @guido: thank you so much for saying so. @nortyboy: Nope, but I do love them to be licked. @7inchhard: I am so glad. Quite a compliment. @23m8incher: That you for thinking we are sexy. Muah! @makucream: We both do agree, we only use the music when necessary to cover audio problems. @guy: We sure will, as you guys keep the love flowing. @ocouple: hehe, I am glad you guys enjoy us. @jamorgan: Well thank you very much. @RedKneck: You are so cool to say that. I am glad we turn you on so much. @handybits: My buzzy does a great job. Hehe @cjx69: I am glad to help. I do love to tease Mr. Twice, if it teases you as well, all the better. @benny: Cant really help it, I am glad you enjoy it. I did @reming: we may be able to help you on that. ;) @manfly: thanks for the offer. @ejblives: It is quite yummy. @lv2play: Thanks. @silverado: Sweet man! @terryleejack: I love it too. Thanks for the compliment. @cesarito: haha, you rule! @MyLucky: I am so glad. I cant really help it. Hehe @onlykevin: I am glad to hear it. @wifelover: I am so glad I can inspire your manhood to stand up. @medicineman: Yes my clitty does like to purr. @football23: You are so funny. Thanks for that awesome compliment. @luvspink: You are so kind. Thanks for the lip love. @ric3011: You are so kind. Thank you so much for the love. @cableguy: You are very welcome. You are always so nice. Smooch! @dogzilla: You are so helpful. Hehe @hardcoc: We sure will. @harrybigg: check out the dp vid. I do love to have my triple O's @bradman: You are so kind. Ms.Twiceasnice,you always look soo fucking good at what you do in your videos! I'm a huge fan an support you'll 100%. Thanks for sharing how you sound when you cum! So sexy, nice puffy lips and really like the way your pussy pulses when you cum. Can dream of just the head of my cock right there to be squeezed. Wow love it ,good finger banging would so hot but dont get me rong that was mmmmmmmmm hot /ps she is so fucking hot you luky basterd ya later. Great vid, love to watch a lady play with her pussy. You have a great one at that. Wished it could have been my tongue instead.